Pick your Numbers

EasyFax lets you pick numbers from anywhere on the planet. EasyCom offers toll-free and local fax numbers.

Need a fax number in Cleveland, or Cancun, EasyFax can help.

Use Existing Fax Numbers

EasyFax can port your number existing numbers for you

You’re a customer, not a hostage

Your fax number is yours. If you ever leave EasyFax, take your number with you.

Still Need Your Old Fax Machine

EasyCom can setup Analog lines on request.

Unlimited Inbound Faxing

Standard with all EasyFax plans. Receive 1 or 1,000 faxes, same low costs

Unlimited Destinations

Send your faxes to as many email recipients as you need.

Shared Faxing

Anyone can send faxes you account, no limits on the number of users

Technical Support

U.S. based telephone and online support.